Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to my crazy life...

Friday the nurse at my youngest sons (7) school calls and he has a swollen upper lip for no apparent reason . He gets dropped of at the sitters very early and lays back down and sleeps a bit and when he got up it was swollen(OMG it was hughe?!?!?). Dr. said he must of ate something he is allergic to (even though he has not had anything different than usual ad he is not allergic to anything but ALLERGIES) !?!?!
Saturday youngest son had a football game (lost 36-6)
Saturday Evening I went to my friends Jenn's and cropped for 5 Hours (yeah)
Sunday my oldest son (15) dropped a huge piece of wood on his big toe and fractured it. The entire thing is black and blue (EWWWWW it was horrible but of course I put on my MOM face and said oh, it's not that bad). We took him eto St. Anthonys urgent care where the took xrays and he sweet talked the nurse in giving him a copy (I am sure that I will be the one paying for that later).
Sunday evening my youngest wakes up sick. Between his sick spells we were up all night watching toons (gotta love the toons).
Monday me and youngest stay home from work and school (not as fun as you would think a day of hooky would be).
Tuesday youngest goes back to school and around 11:30 I got a call from the nurse (I am sure she knows my number by heart now) " Your sons throat hurts and he is not feeling well" OK let me call his Dr and figure this out. I call the Dr and of course she wants to see him (gotta get those copays). My mother (even though she was just getting ready for a nap?!?! must be nice) in law takes him so that I don't have to take of work again. "VIRUS". Funny thing I feel like that is the Dr's answer to everything (as stated before gotta get those copays).
He said he was feeling good enough to go to football practice. He did do very well at practice.
Wednesday (today) I have to take the oldest in to an Orthopedic Dr. (gotta get the copays and waste a ton of gas becuse now I have to get another copy of the xray because I don't have the heart to take the one my son sweet talked the nurse itno giving him)
WOW.......welcome to another day in my crazy life!!!!!

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Hilary Kanwischer said... have such a sweet blog. I just happened to find you after the nice comment you left for me on one of my 2Peas projects. Take care and have a great week. :)