Monday, October 13, 2008

A fabulous weekend

Friday Evening

Grants Farm for Halloween

It was such a fabulous night!

there were
Dark Deer Park Rides
Mad Science Show -Mad Science is a spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain young audiences.
Special Halloween themed Creature Feature Show
Non-scary Classic Halloween Characters
DJ in the Courtyard

WOW I was so amazed it was such a beautiful night for the park ride.

And the cost is only $20.00 per car load. It's going on most of the month!
8AM B had Football pictures and a 10 Am game
We didn't win but we held our own especially the 2nd half!
I am so proud of B he does not want to play next year but still gives 100% every game!
My friend Robin's house to crop until 10pm Woo Hoo!
It was a fun time as always when we all get together!
B had a birthday party at Fun town for one of his football team mates!
It was the perfect day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The City Museum

We had an awesome time at the city museum this weekend with another family! Wow if you haven't been there it was a GREAT time had by adults and kids!!!!