Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last night

My plan was made during the day. I tore my scrap studio up this weekend trying to add things from storage (I thought I had alot of storage space..not so much) and my studio was a huge mess. I did get to finish my Halloween Chipboard book. Anyway...my plan was to hurry home and clean, clean, clean my studio. so I was all excited and 10 minutes before time to leave work my husband calls....I'm working late...Ok change of plans...Pick up Brendan...Pick up dinner....Set Brendan down to do homework....Then husband comes home and we eat dinner...Then like a flick of a switch I'm in comfy clothes cleaning my studio.....It is so clean and ready for DH to finish it. Football the next three nights so hopefully this weekend...fingers and toes crossed.
Hmmmm maybe if I'm really nice :)

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