Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To my son Tom..

A glimpse of my everday life with Tom
all of these pictures are within the last couple of weeks.
Tom being silly on his mini bike

Goofing with his little brother

I LOVE how much the adore each other!!!

Brendan wanted to play WII and this was Tom's version


Tom showing off some made up Karate moves

Tom will be awarded the Renaissance Choice Award at school tomorrow morning. This is an award at his school that each staff members were given the opportunity to select a student that makes the day at school enjoyable and rewarding through positive characteristics.

It is so nice to know that everyone else enjoys having him around them as much as I do!

His humor is awesome and he does make my life so much more enjoyable EVERYDAY!!!


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Linda Cain said...

Fantastic!!!! WAY TI GO TOM!
Linda Cain